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Wedding Rehearsal, Orlando Florida

Always and Forever Florida Weddings can help to coordinate the both the processional (the sequencing of the opening procession) and the recessional (at the end of the ceremony) elements of the wedding ceremony at a Wedding Rehearsal.

Why have a Wedding Rehearsal?

The purpose of a wedding rehearsal is to know exactly how to walk up and down the aisle, when to walk up and down the aisle, where to stand, and other details during your wedding ceremony. Without a Wedding Rehearsal, many attendants may be confused the day of your ceremony. Some couples have a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator who will walk you through this. Other times couples do not, and may need their Wedding Officiant to do the Wedding Rehearsal so your Wedding Ceremony will run smoothly.

It is good to hold the wedding rehearsal at your wedding site, although, sometimes your venue may not have availability to do a walk through. If that is the case, your wedding rehearsal can be done anywhere; at a park or even at your home.

Always and Forever Florida Weddings can help with your Wedding Rehearsal by lining your wedding party up in the order they will stand during your wedding ceremony. Sometimes one or two people in your wedding party may not be able to attend the wedding rehearsal but if most of your wedding party is present, it is easy to fill the absent attendants in as to where they will stand and how they will walk up and down the aisle.

During a Wedding Rehearsal, all of the attendants and the couple are lined up where they will stand during the Wedding Ceremony. Then the wedding party will will practice the Recessional first. Then the party is lined up in the order they will walk down the aisle and practice the Processional as the wedding party now know where they will stand.

If there are any elements in your wedding ceremony that your wedding officiant will need to go over with the wedding party, it is done at this time. If Reverend Ponack does not attend the Wedding Rehearsal, as a trained professional Wedding Officiant, she knows when the wedding guest need to stand and when they need to sit back down. She also knows the little things such as when to cue the Processional music, when the bride handing her bridal bouquet to a member of the wedding party and when to have the bouquet returned just prior to walking back down the aisle. Reverend Ponack will know when the bridal party can “pair up” and when they can walk back down the aisle when the wedding is over. Reverend Arlene Ponack will quietly give these prompts during the ceremony to assure the wedding processional goes smoothly.

Always and Forever Florida Weddings does charge an additional fee to run your Wedding Rehearsal, but this decision does not need to be made at the time of booking her wedding officiant service. If you do decide however to book Always and Forever Florida Weddings for the Wedding Rehearsal at a later date, Reverend Arlene Ponack cannot guarantee she would be available for the date and time chosen for the Wedding Rehearsal.