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Vow Renewals ......
                               Re-tie the knot when one I do is not enough....

              Reasons to marry again and again and again:

To formalize your elopement

To celebrate your anniversary

To have the big wedding you never had

To have the intimate wedding you never had

To have the destination wedding you never had

To reconfirm your love and commitment to one another

What should you wear?

You can dress to the nines​

You could wear her original wedding gown, tuxedo or suit​

Go shopping for a pretty party dress, cocktail dress, formal evening gown, or a nice suit​

Want to do it casual, just wear what feels comfortable​

Brides do not need to wear a veil​

Brides could put flowers in your hair or wear a pretty hat​

Brides could carry flowers or wear a corsage​

Grooms could wear cuff links​

Grooms could wear a boutonniere

Where should we hold our Ceremony?

Anywhere you want!

At home
On the beach
At a pretty park or garden
Anywhere that has sentimental meaning for both of you!

Many married couples reach a time in their lives where they choose to renew their vows. Some couples choose to renew their vows on a milestone anniversary. Other couples have told me as a little girl they dreamt about having a perfect wedding and for different reasons were unable to have their dream wedding.  Other women told me they have fantasized about a the fairy tale dream wedding they saw on television, in a movie, read in a book or magazine, but the wedding of their dreams did not happen.

Sometimes a fairytale wedding is not what couples who renew their vows are looking for. Some couples just want to feel closer or to celebrate their love and see a vow renewal as the way to achieve it. Other couples may have eloped and want to have their “first wedding”. Perhaps the couples went through obstacles or something tragic, and want to celebrate a second chance. There are many reasons couples choose to renew their vows.

I have done elaborate vow renewals where the bride chooses to wear a bridal gown, either the one she originally married in or a new one to celebrate this point of time in her life and the groom wears a tuxedo. This formal vow renewal is held in a wedding venue with a ceremony and a reception following the ceremony with a live band or DJ, an elaborate cake, flowers, using a wedding planner, and even going on a second honeymoon. Other couples choose to have their vow renewal more laid back with a simple ceremony, a quiet exchange of vows either just the two of them present or sometimes with a few close family members and friends. This simple ceremony can be held in a home, a park, or a small location.

One question I get asked from couples deciding to renew their vows, is about the wedding rings. Some couples are unsure if they should purchase new wedding rings or if they should use their current rings. My answer is whatever feels right. Some people have sentimental attachments to their current rings. Some couples use their current rings but give gifts to one another to commemorate the occasion. Other couples see this as a time to purchase new rings to commemorate the occasion.

Getting married again does not require getting a second marriage license, although Always and Forever Florida Weddings provides a keepsake marriage renewal license to commemorate your special day. The only decisions you need to make is where do you want to have your vow renewal, how grand or simple you want it to be, who do you want in attendance, do you want close family members to share in the planning, and choosing the date. Many couples choose a location or a date that is special to them.  I have done some vow renewals that were planned by their children and it was a surprise to the parents and others where one spouse wants to surprise the other spouse.

Vow renewals can be fun and romantic, which it is a great way to celebrate your love all over again! It does not mean your first wedding wasn’t important or meaningful. Some couples see this as a time to simply reaffirm the vows and commitment they made to each other. Some use this time to reflect on how they have been blessed to be together and not only to look back at their beautiful memories together but on the journey still ahead of them. Some write new vows, some say the vows they originally said to one another, and others ask Reverend Arlene Ponack to find words that express what they feel for one another.

When one I Do is not enough… Reverend Arlene Ponack to plan your Vow Renewal.