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Personalized, custom crafted ceremonies to make your day special

                    Services offered:



Ceremony consultation by phone, email, or in person​

Unlimited email and telephone meetings and assistance

Ceremony at location of your choice

     Personalized homemade henna candle

    Personalized custom wedding ceremony peformed by an                                                  award winning speaker

                                         Couples may write their own vows

Includes optional Unity ceremony (ex. candles, sand, rose ceremony, wine ceremony)

Includes optional cultural aspects (ex. Wiccan Handfastings, Irish Hand binding, Jewish Mazel tov Glass, Hispanic Lasso, Arras or thirteen coin, African Broom Jump, etc)

Includes optional blended family ceremony (Family Sand or Candle, Family Vows, Family Ring Ceremony)

Includes optional memorial to honor absent family members

Includes optional mother’s rose ceremony or any other optional ceremony

Includes optional readings

A caring award winning non-denominational Minister

​Signing and Official filing of marriage license

Vendor referral service

 FREE Name Change Kit

 A copy of the ceremony on Parchment Paper

A decorative Marriage License Keepsake

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              Additional Services Available:


Wedding Rehearsal Service $100

One hour full Wedding Rehearsal walk-through at the location of your choice with your wedding party and family ensuring everyone knows just what they need to do for your special day.

* Usually the wedding rehearsal takes place at the venue, although sometimes the venue is unable to accommodate the rehearsal and therefore an alternative location may need to be chosen for the rehearsal.

    * You do not have to add the wedding rehearsal at the time of booking, although if you choose to add it at a later date, your wedding officiant may not be available.

    * If you have a wedding wedding or day of coordinator, it may not be necessary for your officiant to attend the wedding rehearsal

 Premaritial Counseling $300 (in person) $175 (by phone, face time or skype) $50 (study at home - read and do exercises at your own pace between just the two of you) Two Pre-Wedding sessions during your engagement in preparation for marriage, specifically relating to starting a healthy marriage. It is important to discuss certain aspects that may not have been discussed and often causes challenges in marriages. Some of the aspects include; communication skills, listening skills, compromising skills, family, finances and more! These skills learned during Pre-Mariitial Counseling are tools that can be used in all areas of life and will give you a strong foundation to build your marriage on!!! A strong and successful marriage requires teamwork and a good foundation. Preparing for your lives together is even more important than preparing for your wedding day!

Marriage Counseling $300 (in person) $175 (by phone, face time or skype) Two Marriage Counseling sessions to help couples work through issues they cannot resolve on their own. Reverend Arlene Poanck believes that if your marriage is having problems, you should not wait too long to seek professional help. You also need to decide if counseling will actually work for your marriage. If your marriage is worth trying to save it, then I highly suggest counseling before
the issues in your marriage worse. Do you know the skills necessary to help you through conflicts in your marriage. Are you really listening to your partner, do you know how to effectively compromise without losing who you are and what you want? There are many skills that if done right, can help with most marriage issues. What are the issues? Is it about money, children, families? Have you discussed how youwere raised? Perhaps it is different from your spouse and that is causing problems between the two of you. I can help couples learn these skills through fun interactive activities that can help your marriage get back on track. Is your marriage worth saving?

Vendor Referral - FREE        

                   Optional Ceremonies

Arras or Thirteen Coin   

Breaking of the Glass

Butterfly Release

Hand Fastings

Hawaiian Sand     

​Jump the Broom 

Kiss of Peace


Love Letter and Wine Box



          Unity Candle Ceremony
           Unity Sand Ceremony
                       & more