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Premarital Counseling, Orlando Florida                                                                   Marriage Counseling, Orlando Florida

Premaritial Counseling

What are your expectations for marriage?

Premarital counseling can be one way to insure that your marriage will begin on solid ground

Marriage is a lifelong adventure and the journey has its highs, lows, and detours. Every journey is unique and no two couples experience the same journey. Many couples go into marriage with blinders on and are oblivious to issues that eat away at the core of their marriages, which accounts for the high divorce rate we experience today. Good marriages don’t just happen, couples need to learn and grow together and develop a positive attitude. Premarital Counseling can serve as a starting point to improve your relationship and beat the odds against divorce.

Many couples go into the marriage having certain expectations or without having athe right expectations. Sometimes they expect too much from their partner. It is important to discuss things before your get married. Many couples do not discuss important issues and go into a marriage blindly in love. Discussing matters beforehand means there will be less disagreements which means less divorces!

With premarital counseling, couples can learn new ways to appreciate each other as well as healthy ways to deal with differences


Many couples are not equipped to deal with the challenges faced in marriages, so many marriages end in divorce. Couples say  "we grew apart" or "we wanted different things". I think premarital counseling helps couples discover what they really want and what they expect in their marriage. It helps to appreciate each other differences and healthy ways to deal with those differences. It can strengthen your relationship and teach important communication and conflict resolution skills.


Premarital counseling can help ensure you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship which will give you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage.  Life will hold struggles that will test your relationship. Premaritial counseling can help you weather the storms.


Here are the benefits!


  • Reduce risk of divorce
  • Increase marital satisfaction
  • Learn and Strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Identify, explore, and manage potential issue
  • Understand and appreciate personality differences
  •   Develop a more balanced relationship
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Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling can be one way to get your marriage back on solid ground!

Don't get divorced before you at least try marriage counseling! All couples have issues, but if both partners are motivated and dedicated, couples can become better listeners and better communicators!

It is important in any relationship to have trust, communication, and to know the art of comprise. Without these skills, all relationships can suffer.

What attracted you to each other in the first place?

Do you support each other?

Do you have the skills that will enable you to have a happy, successful relationship?

Are you motivated to have a better relationship with your spouse, if so, now is the time to schedule marriage counseling!!

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