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Always and Forever Florida Weddings performs Personalized, Custom Wedding Ceremonies and Vow Renewals. Reverend Ponack does not believe in "Cookie Cutter" ceremonies. YOUR Ceremony should be as unique as YOU are!! Your ceremony should reflect YOUR personality and tell the story of your love!

Reverend Arlene Ponack works with you personally to customize your wedding ceremony to tell the story of your love. Your ceremony can be simple or customized, traditional or modern. Your ceremony can include music, poems, words your write yourself, words written by Reverend Ponack, readings by your family and friends, it can include humor, your children can be part of the ceremony, your pets can be part of the ceremony, your hobbies and passions can be included. If you prefer something offbeat or a themed wedding, Always and Forever Florida Weddings has performed several offbeat weddings for offbeat brides including steampunk, star wars, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, ….. if you can dream it, Reverend Ponack will make your dream come true!

Words said at Michele and John's Wedding: (requested by the couple)

(Reverend Ponack):
Marriage is….. what…. brings us to-gether to-day.
That Blessed arrangement….
That dream within a dream….
AND love….
True love……Will follow you forever…
Sir Oak, Have you the rings?

Michele and John, may these rings for you always be your most treasured adornment and may the love they symbolize be your most treasured possession.

One ring to RULE them all
One ring to FIND them
One ring to BRING them all
and in loves warmth BIND them.

(Reverend Ponack looks at Michele)
You may kiss your wookie………

This is not a typical wedding, but an offbeat one that included words from Princess Brides and Star Wars!

Another couple requested  a "Coffee Ceremony" included in their ceremony as it had significance to their relationship

Always and Forever Florida Weddings does traditinal weddings besides personalized, custom wedding ceremonies.

It is Your Wedding and the ceremony will be done YOUR Way!