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Harry Potter themed wedding
steampunk themed wedding
Star Wars themed weddings

Are you an unconventional couple? Are you an offbeat or untraditional bride? Do you want a wedding that reflects who you are? Be Free to be who you are!


Are you a couple who wants to be creative, artistic, quirky, wacky, untraditional and unique??? Do you want a wedding that truly reflects who your are?

Weather you are gothic, goth, emo, punk, rock & roll, a zombie,  nerd, a geek,  a gamer, a dreamer, a trekee?  Do you like Cosplay, Megakon, Comiccom, or Spookiecom? 

Do you like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Steampunk? Recently I did all these of these; here are a few pics:



I will accommodate almost any wardrobe request! A fee may be added if required to purchase a costume.

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